Just a little about the way I raise guppies
All my guppies are raised in tanks with gravel ,live plants and decorations. I believe this keep my guppies happy and creates good immune systems.
I use very little medications or chemicals( I try to go ala natural) . If they are not strong I do not want to breed them. As with my horses and dogs I strive to breed hardier animals  .Animals that don't worry me silly with constant health problems. Fish are suppose to be fun and relaxing  and if they are problematic THATS NOT FUN!!
I use oversized hang on the back filters (Aquaclear brand is my favorite). I do 30-50% water changes as I vacumn the gravel every 4-6 days depending how heavily stocked that tank is.
All my tanks are in my house where I can enjoy them. With all the fiddling I do in the tanks, the dogs roaming around and licking the glass :),the TV ect. my guppies are not skittish at all.
Your guppies will be stressed and scared from the long trip..Their color will probably be pale from this and they will be a little thin from no food...
Stressed fish are prone to illness. Read all of this to learn how to help your fish recover from the stress without getting sick and dieing (ever buy guppies only to have them die within a month?)
First .. try to buy young guppies (fry to 4 months old) as they handle shipping,change of environment and water chemistry better then adults. Yes it is more fun to open the bag and have full grown beauties RIGHT NOW.. BUT adults struggle more with the stress/change and it will shorten their life.
Guppies adjust to all kinds of water as long as all changes are done slowly. My water is sure to be different from yours so acclimating them upon arrival is a must.
If your tank is not cycled properly or you do not acclimate them correctly  your new guppies may die!!!
My PH is 7-6 -8.   GH 6.7 and KH 8.4
How long the acclimation process should take  depends on how far your ph and water chemistry is from mine. A sudden change inwater chemistry can stress you guppies to death.. (I will sometimes take 6 hours acclimating new fish.)

Do not float the bag in the tank or dump bag water into the tank ever !!!

When your fish arrive place the fish with the water from the bag in a container(this must be free of any soap or chemical residue).A Tupperware container with a big lip works great as you can float this in their tank. This keeps the water temp the same as the tank.Also if you get a jumper it will land in the tank not the counter or floor.
Add some tank water.(about a third of the amount of bag water). If you have a product that removes ammonia such as Amquel, add a drop or 2...... Every 30 minutes  remove a bit of water and add  another third of tank water.. for 3 hours is good.. Do not hurry this !!!! Take even longer if your water chemistry is unknown  or is allot different then mine.
Carefully net fish and put them in their new home...a light feeding helps them settle in..

Stressed fish are more prone to illness so adding 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of aquarium or rock salt( must say 99.5%pure) no table salt!!  will help prevent most potential illness. Salt is not good for live plants..
Another precaution is to add a dose of Maracyn and/or Melafix,kordens Ich attack (great 100 organic tonic,not just for ick)or Indian almond leaves to their tank. This helps beat back a bit of bacteria in the tank..Watch them carefully and continue to medicate if there is any sign of unhappiness.
Water Quality is the key to happy healthy guppies . 

This way is a bit more complex....  but with this method my incoming guppy loses are now ZERO...This is to insure the best water quality while the fish is recovering from the stress of shipping and change of environment
IF possible test you water chemistry.If it is allot different from mine use the chemicals to adjust your water closer to mine before the fish arrive.
Have a A VERY CLEAN TANK( well vacuumed and 100% water change) with some fake plants for security..waiting for your new fish.   Add 1 heaping tablespoon salt per 5 gallons water ( salt may be tripled over a couple days is any signs of illness or as routine parasite protection)
Follow the above acclimating directions
Everyday !!! do A 30%  water change , (%50 if it is an uncycled tank or heavily stocked) Reading salt just to make up for what was removed in the water change). ..
Keep the salt in for 2 weeks...
the third week continue the water changes but do not add more salt, add a plant or decoration from the tank they will be going into. (This gives them a small dose of germs from their new home)
Kordens ick attack is one of my favorite tonics I use it on all incoming fish and routinely on every one.

If you are new to guppies please "goggle" guppy care or buy a good book.. Fancy Guppies need good care and good water quality to live and thrive...

Please feel free to contact me for any help in..May you enjoy your fish as much as I do..
530 7411775   newfie@hughes.net

Surviving the post shipping stress
This page contains
Just a little about the way I raise guppies
Surviving post shipping stress
Guppy genetics  breeding true
This bit is not a lesson on genetics ..It is  to help you understand a few things about what to expect when you breed your new guppies
The term "breeding true"
Breeding true refers to the % of resulting fry that looks like the parents. That % varies from strain to strain ..We would all like every strain we purchase to produce  a % of  100 .. That is not realistic as Guppy genetics can be very complex.They can mutate and cross over (change unexpectedly)     Some strains like solid colors are fairly simple genetically and with proper breeding should have a high % of breeding true.  Some are more complex (many genes having to match up just right to get the color and pattern desired.) These will have a lower rate of breeding true... Part of the term "beginner guppies" refers to guppies with very simple genetics  that are easy for the beginner to maintain it original beauty.
Because of the complex nature of genes and their ability to mutate this allows for endless new color combinations.. But it also can change a once very stable strain..
To get a strain to have a high % of breeding true you must inbreed..After so many generations you must outcross to keep size, health and fertility. Once you outcross they % of breeding true drops but you gain health ,vitality, ect .  Its an endless balancing act..
In my quest in studying guppy genetics  I have talked to many breeder of over 30 years and they will laugh at my quest to know it all  and Say "Sweetie I've been studying guppy genetics for 35 years and I am constantly getting surprised"
So the moral of this story.....There are very few guppy breeders out there that are trying to screw you over by selling junk breeding guppies.. Yes...Some breeders are more knowledgeable about breeding guppies, some  more picky about the ones they send out.. There are many "quality" levels of guppies...But that is one of the beauties of breeding guppies ..It can be enjoyed at all levels.  Weather its to produce the next show winner or to just produce beautiful guppies. Everyone can enjoy the fascinating hobby of breeding guppies.
It up to you to seek out the quality guppy you want
and remember
You can receive  the best of stock  but it is up to you to do the  work to maintain it to keep its original beauty..
Guppy genetics....... Breeding true
What does this mean???  Ok you buy a beautiful trio of guppies. They have babies. You  watch the babies grow  and to your amazement  they do not all look like their parents...Your amazement turns to anger  and you blame the breeder call the line junk!!!    Hold on   here's why..