KloofBear's Makin Waves 
A very big thank you to Evelyn at KloofBears for believing he was meant for me and for the years of help and suport
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Wave 2 days old to 14 weeks
scroll down for 4m to current
Waves first water "rescue"
Makin Waves is a very exciting addiction to our family and breeding program. He is a combination of 2 top bloodlines that we dreamed of acquiring and combining. We are so thrilled that Evelyn thought the same way and shared this  spectacular boy with us.  Our dream boy....  and what a doll he is!!!
touch me with your curser
touch me
touch me
pictures at 4 months a whopping 82 lbs
KloofBear's Makin Waves
AKA Wavey, Wavos, Wavey gravey

He is proving to be everything I dreamed for in my leading newfie man.
Wave has show ring perfect conformation , along with the perfect newfie personality of intelligence and kindness.
As you can see by the pictures has wonderfull natural water instincts...
All the qualities that make a newf  a Super Newf
the basic retrieve
the underwater retrieve
retrieve and tow the boat..

7  months old,  28" tall 125lbs

lots more pictures  keep going

8  months old,  28" tall 130lbs

My Wavey Gravey
9 months old,  29" tall 150
this year we have hundreds of large tadpoles that come to the shallows of the pond...today Wave discovered them.
Wave is realy growing to be an awsome young man..
He amases me daily with his devotion and intelligence.
His conformation is excellent.His beauty melts my heart
He is more then I dreamed to have in my future sire...A truely outstanding newfie
and he is MINE :)
and he is very entertaining.....
My Wavo
10 months old 
Keeping an eye on George
My Wavey
1 year old
30" tall and 164 lbs
growing up to be quit the HUNK !!!
and so so special
Waves most current pictures