introducing our latest arrivals
Anjole and Brad
Born June 30 2006
pictured at 4 days old
scroll down for them at 18 ,26 ,32 days and 5 weeks old
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Brad and Anjole
at 18 days old

I have to apologize on the lack of pictures
I have been selfishly keeping the cuties all to myself
here she is.......
Anjole is a very quite ,sweet girl..
Always happy
They are the most active pups I have had for thier young age.
Both of them have been up on all 4s and roaming around since 10 days old.
Now Brad is like Momma. He is very verbal!!! He talks when he is happy ,when he is bored and screams when he is mad..Since he was 10 days old he has escaped from the whelping room and joined us in the living room ( normaly our pups dont do this untill 4 weeks old)
So much personality in such a precious little newfie
I adore him...
heres the Gorgeous little MAN.......
Brad and Anjole are 26 days old . They go out in the back yard in the morning while it is still cool out. The rest of the day they play and sleep in the house in front of the fan.. they bark and growl and wrestle with each other and me. They both are great snugglers and love to crawl in my lap or snuggle with me on the floor..They are now eating 3 meals of soften food with goats milk along with moma's milk
I think he is our he most beautifull puppy so far
He is sure to grow up to be stunning !
If he continues to show this much promise
I think we will need to place him in a home with a family willing to let us breed to him in the future.
Anjole is also a beauty . She is always sweet, happy, quiet and  content..
She is a doll !!!
4 weeks old
here they are at 5weeks old
enjoying thier first day discovering the pond..
Uncle Wave keeping a close eye on them
Auntie Wish babysitting
Angel and Brad
Sailor and the kids
Its just so special how all the newfs watch over the pups
Sept 15 2006
We are looking for a family to love Brad
His chosen family can not take him  now.. If interested please call