A little about us
We fell in love with the newfies  years ago.  To us they were the most amasing, beautifull ,magical creature on earth. . We were totaly in love.

I knew from the start that I wanted to share these loving souls with others  so they too could experience the love and devotion that is so special with the Newfie breed. 
Being a breeder of rabbits in my younger years and horses most of my life I knew the importance of bloodlines,health and proper planning. So my nonstop investigating and education of the newfie breed began. 

We are now  small breeders focusing on health, beauty and the  perfect Newfie temperment.  We like a large newf who is sound and athletic, yet with the beauty of a show dog. One who still has the water instinks and are devoted to humans 

We love all colors of Newfies but realy admire the Landseer, with its extreme loyality and instinks. Its sad that very few of top breeders are breeding landseers,and good ones are hard to find. We hope to we can contribute to keeping the landseers typy and with great working instinks


Even though we breed, our newfs are our family first, and they lovingly allow us to live in thier house and share thier furniture with them. They have thier own  van and boat so we enjoy weekly outtings to the local rivers and lakes for fun and water work.

We only have 1 maybe 2 litters a year and only when we have the time to devote to the 24/7 care that newfie puppies require to be well socalized and ready for thier new homes. All of our puppies are raised as our own. ...They are born in the house and about 5 weeks old they start following mom in and out of the house and are part of the "gang" . They learn from the start about house mannners,potty training, bathing ,grooming , swiming ect.
We have an interview process to insure the best match so that our puppies will have the best possible life when they leave us.

      Visitors are welcome and prospective parents must come for a vist