We are looking for a family or families to adopt 2 young adult girls and 2 puppies
(scroll down for pic of the puppies)

< Gracie   and     Evja >
(born 5/6/08) .
These are Wave and Angel 2008 puppies
(Miss Pink and Miss Yellow)

Unfortunaly family illness and divorce is the reason the family has brought them back to us. They have been raised together in family with kids. The have been with us since May. Eva snuck in with Lance and blessed us with a beautifull litter . We would love to keep these girls but they would be happier with a home with more attention .Both girls are athletic and engergetic
Sky is the little boy...
well if you call 80 lbs at 5 months old little :)
He was picked right away but his new parents had something come up and they could not take him. I had a number of things happen (surgery and lost a couple of my old pets) and put interviewing prospective parents on hold
He is a wonderfull boy
Silver is the little girl...
I fell in love with her when she was born. I was going to keep her  but maybe she deserves a home where she will be the princess and get super spoiled,  just maybe if you are the perfect home I may let you have her
you can see baby pics of these 2 pups here

these pics were taken dec 12 2010
born july 19 the 2010
If you are interested in adopting one of these very special newfies please fill out my questionnaire  and email it to me at newfie@wildblue.net (please note this is a different address then what is on the questionnaire)
For questions please CALL me...
Toni 530 7411775
sorry I type too slow to answer questions by email