Herk jr
Simply Irresistible
Kinders special babies by Herk
  6 girls (1 landseers) 1 black boy.. born Sept 30 2004
birth to 32 days
Herks page
Wishs page
yellow ribbon
white ribbon
38 days old
discovering the big outdoors
45 days old
discovering the sand pile. Are we at the beach?
48-50 days old
the litter at play
54 days old
Ravins page
Candys page
birth to current
Simplys page
8 weeks old
show poses of all the puppies
9 weeks
11 weeks
All the puppies are well loved by thier new families
I want to thank all of you for staying in touch and loving them so much
I will continue to add pics as you all send them to me.
Kelpies page
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his web page
the pond, the creek
so much to explore !!!
today we went rock climbing
decorating for christmas
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