shippng info.
I no longer offer Express mail  as it is too expensive and very seldom on time
priority has been excelent for the last year
I take great care in packaging your fish.........
Your fish are  bagged in small groups , water stabilizer and fish calmer is added to their shipping water to reduce stress..  They are nestled in a cushion of soft insulation Styrofoam lined box
For winter I use extra insultation  and 72 heat pack...

(NOTE just the insulation, heat pack,bags cost me $5-7 per box..Plus I spend 6 hours every week cutting the insulation and putting together each box..) So If you see the actual shipping cost on the box is lower then what I have charged you  feel good that you are one of the rare ones that I didnt eat all the box cost :)

I send out a conformation of payment recieved with a acclimation care sheet ,Day they will be shipped out and a tracking  number
1 out of 100 boxes I have send out have had 1 or 2 doas
50% of all the boxes I sent out  have taken  4 or 5 days  
only 5 out of over 1000 boxes have been a total loss
Live arrival guarantees
Doa's are surprisingly rare

  The only reason for big losses is the Postal Service has left the box out in the hot sun, in the very cold or they have lost the package.  This is neither my fault or yours..
I am not a big business that wholesales ,buys and resales.. All the fish I sell have been raised by me .So to beable to keep my prices low and in all fairness to both buyer and seller I will take the loss and replace or refund for doas., You must be willing to pay reshipping cost.. 

So this is the way it works

and your weather is not below 30   although colder temps have not been a problem
If you need to have the guppies held at your post office for you to pick up PLEASE LET ME KNOW  I can write "hold for pick up" 

refunds are pro rated per fish..Freebies are not covered and in some instances are meant to make up for a rare doa .. There are no guarantees on replacement fish
For refund or replacement consideration pictures of dead fish in unopened shipping bag must be sent to me within 2 hours of first delivery attempt..The pic must be clear enough for me to see label and fish..
You must be their to recieve your fish on first delivery attempt...I can not be held responsible for fish left out on your porch.
I do not refund shipping cost   DO NOT ASK

All other circumstances of Doa's,sick fish or those not surviving the first week are handled at my discretion