We are very proud of Angel. 
At just 6 months old she performed her first rescue
She even drug me to shore
Buck   is an old pro at this
Angel taking the bumper
Doing the Newfie thing
Our baby Wish
Just 4 1/4 months old and she is awsome
She is rescueing her toy.
This was her first swim in a river. The current took the toy quickley down stream, No problem for my brave girl. She Rescued the toy like a seasoned pro. see the whole toy rescue
We are just so proud of our Wishy.  This was her first boat pull.(11 months) What makes it so special  is the only training she had in preparation for her first pull was to carry a rope with a milk jug attached on land..once...  But she is just a smarty pants. She sat on shore and watched Angel swim out to take the buoy from my hand and tow me in. The next time I rowed out  and called for Bella   Wish leaped into the water and raced out to me , out swimming  both Angel and Bella  , She took the bumper out of my hand , turned and swam to shore like a pro.       Thats my baby girl !!!!!   see the whole rescue
Buck prefers the rope in his mouth
doing thier next favorite thing